Get Your Party Started With Twilight Party Favors and Supplies

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Twilight is a dark tale of forbidden romance and the obstacles that two completely different people have to overcome to realize their love. The tale of Bella and Edward has become the 21st century's Romeo and Juliet giving us people not separated by just being from two feuding families, but literally separated by the deadly conflict between the predator and his prey. Edward is a vampire the ultimate enemy of the human race with a bite that can kill with its sheer venom as quickly as his superhuman speed and strength. Bella is the frail and ultra vulnerable human who just happens to come in Edward's favorite flavor. Their struggle to nurture their deep and growing feelings for each other creates an interesting narrative that has touched millions with its intimate and emotional depth.

Fans also see in Edward a reflection of the chivalrous lover that seems to have vanished from most modern love stories. Edward's protectiveness and deep abiding love for Bella is something any woman dreams of having in her own life. This is definitely a big reason along with the very successful movie adaptation of the book that has created such a wide and devoted following. So how can fans show their support for the franchise and impress fellow twilight groupies?

Well there is something interesting that will get followers of the series excited. Now fans can carry their devotion to the next level with their own Twilight wedding and party favors. If you are bride who wants to bring a bit of the dark vampire romance to your nuptials these items are just the ticket. There are several items to choose from. First there are Twilight themed candles that will be well received by guest of any age who is a fan of the series. There also more delectable edible favors like the chocolate monogrammed favor apples.

You may simply be a fan that wants to throw a great Twilight themed party especially with the release of the movie adaptation of New Moon happening in November. Have your party in style not only with great Twilight themed decorations, but also with cool party gifts. Your girl friends will especially love the Lip balm with pictures of the movie cast on them.

In the end express your enthusiasm for the franchise with these favors and other products. You will end up not only able to bring a piece of the mythology into your festivities, you will also be the envy of your friends with these one of a kind items as gifts.

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Get Your Party Started With Twilight Party Favors and Supplies

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This article was published on 2010/03/27