Bring the Excitement of Twilight to Your Party With Unique Twilight Party Favors

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Everyone has seen, read, or heard about the ever popular Twilight series. How could they not? The series appeals to the public's dark fascination with the vampire romance. The very mortal woman, with something mysterious about her, that despite her ordinary circumstances has a fateful meeting with her ultimate doom and fate, a vampire, a hunter of the human race.  Instead of being ruled by fear she falls in love moved by the man behind the stigma of legend, still struggling to hold on to his humanity rather than succumb and become the monster that thirsts for her life.  

It also appeals to the fan's attraction to impossible loves. Everyone loves a good romance where the odds are stacked against the lovers. Bella has to overcome the decades of life and experience that lie between her and Edward. Edward has to fight the monster within to be with the love of his life.  We can't help but root for them to find a way through their difficulties and triumph for a hard won happily ever after.  There is also the intensity that grabs from the first scene of the movie or the first line of the book.  We literally experience the two lovers' intense feelings as they go through their struggles. We feel the agony of every painful emotion they feel and the deep almost bewildering joy that experience in each other's company. This is the kind of tale that has captured the imagination of fans everywhere. This story enthralled fans everywhere with its mystique and spawned Twilight themed proms and even weddings worldwide.

If you are fan of the series and want to throw your own themed party, try have unique one of a kind Twilight party favors. They come exclusively from our favors collection. You can give your guest favors that impress them and will make others who don't come envious that they weren't able to get them.

The choices are numerous you can give cool votive candles with the images of actor Robert Pattinson in his role as Edward and other cast members like Jacob. These are special collectibles that any fan would be privileged to have. Also don't stop with these favors use them to inspire your own decoration for you party.

There are plenty of decoration and design ideas from the collectible candy tins to the Twilight themed lip balm that will be a huge hit with your friends.  If you want to make a huge splash at your themed party whether it's a dance, prom, or simply a watch party for the second movie in the series, New Moon these items are great ways to add a fun touch to your event and give guest souvenirs of a great time.

In the end the best thing about the Twilight series is that it calls to our own dreams of finding true love. Every girl wants to have a chivalrous guy like Edward and experience the same kind of deep emotional connection that the characters share. So enjoy all this great series has to offer and celebrate it with amazing Twilight party favors.

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Bring the Excitement of Twilight to Your Party With Unique Twilight Party Favors

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This article was published on 2010/03/29